Saturday, 30 June 2012

DIY Boho Muscle Tank

Inspired by the trend of ripped mens muscle tee's on women. A kind of rocker/boho look that's great for summer.

      You Will Need

  • A mens t-shirt
  • scissors 
  • a fedora hat
I purchased my t-shirt at thrift store for $2.99. The fedora can be optional. I will be using it to show an easy way to get the correct measurements to go by before cutting the shirt.

Place the fadora at the seam where to sleeve meets the body. Line the back of the hat with the top of the seam and the top if the hat with the edge of the shirt. Cut around the hat or trace where the hat is placed, then cut. After, take the left over fabric of what you cut and line it up with the sleeve that is not cut. cut around it to insure that both sides are even.

To cut a round neckline, use the back of the fedora. Line the shoulder seams with the middle of the hat. Cut around it.
Finish product. Pics will soon be uploaded of how I wear mine. Happy DIY-ING!

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