Friday, 27 July 2012

Edgy Spiked Loafers DIY for Fall 1012

The worst part of summer (other than it ending) is when the fall collections start to come out. Not because I'm against fall fashion but because their are so many amazing piecing that you want to but but wont be able to wear for months because of the heat. So here is a tutorial for a great fall piece that is also quite wearable for the summer heat.

 The past year we have seen the loafer make a come back. This fall the loafer is getting a makeover. You will see them in every way possible, neons like we have seen this past season, metallic prints or capped toe, patterns, tassel's, you name it. The loafer is back and is being made assessable for both men woman and children. So as much as I like cute tassel's and prints I'm a sucker for spikes. When Christian Louboutin came out with their version of the spiked loafer I knew i was in love! Even if they were made for men ;)
I am going to show you such an easy way to make these that you're going to wonder how the hell someone could retail this over $30
                                                    All you need is

            • a sharpie
            • some form of screw
            • a pair of loafers
            • screw in spikes

 Start by taking your sharpie and drawing dots in the spots that you want your studs.

depending on whether you do this by hand or use a drill you may want to place a block of wood on the inside of your shoe to make sure you don't damage the sole.
the block I used was about 1.7cm in height and 3.6cm in with.
this will depend on your shoe size.

I attached this drill to a dremel tool and drilled trough each of the dots I made.

  Taking the bottom half (the screw) of the stud, place it on the inside of the shoe through the hole

 Screw the top half (the spike) of the stud on the outside of the shoe to the bottom half of the         stud.


                                                                         Good Luck!    -IVWTF

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