Sunday, 29 July 2012

Olympic Gold Beauty Products

Olympic Gold Beauty Products

In spirit of the London 2012 Olympic games, I have decided to share my favorite beauty products that I think deserve the gold metal.

Comment down below with your favorite beauty product that you think deserves the gold.

                                                                                    - IVWTF

Urban decay eyeshadow
$57 -

Clinique face powder
$39 -

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics eyeliner

Clinique face powder

Matte lipstick

Revlon cosmetic
$20 -

Benefit lip gloss
$21 -

Revlon lip stick

Revlon lip stick

Gucci perfume

Juicy couture perfume

Benefit fragrance

Clinique face moisturizer
$58 -

Clinique face cleanser

Clinique nivea lip care

Benefit beauty product
$37 -

Clinique beauty product
$25 -

Revlon nail polish

Styling product

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